Digital Logic-Complete Notes(BCA 1st Semester)

"Delve into the core principles of Digital Logic through extensive notes tailored for BCA 1st Semester. Uncover essential topics such as the Introduction to Digital Logic, Number Systems, Combinational Logic Design, and in-depth coverage of Counters and Registers, encompassing Flip Flops, Async and Sync Counters, and Registers. Gain mastery over crucial concepts, laying a strong groundwork for digital logic design with this meticulously crafted course content."

Digital Logic-Complete Notes(BCA 1st Semester)

Digital Logic

Course Contents

Unit 1 Introduction to Digital Logic

Unit 2 Number Systems

Unit 3 Combinational Logic Design

Unit 4 Counters and Registers

-Flip Flops

-Async and Sync Counters


Unit 5 Sequential Logic Design