Scientific Communication-Bsc I Year Old Questions:2080(With solution)

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Scientific Communication-Bsc I Year Old Questions:2080(With solution)

Tribhuvan University 2080

Bachelor Level 4 Yrs. Prog/ 1st Year/Science & Tech

Full Marks: 50

Scientific Communication (SC.101)

Time: 2 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt All the questions.

  1. Read the following passage and answer the question given below. [10]
    Pollution-the simple visible kind of pollution is now worldwide. When Apollo 8 took photographs of the earth's surface, where did they reveal the most serious smog and polluted air? Not Los Angeles, which as somehow got the reputation of having biggest and nastiest smog, but over Osaka and Tokyo in Japan. Along this strips, 34 tons of dirt a month fall on every square kilometer, compared to a mere 17 tons in New York. Coastal vessels collide regularly or run aground because they cannot see each other's navigation lights in day-light, or because light buoys are invisible. Traffic policemen go back to the police-station alter four hours of duty and breathe pure oxygen from the oxygen cylinders to re-oxygenate their carbon monoxide loaded blood. In cafes and shopping centers coin-in-the slot machines give oxygen to shoppers who feel themselves about to collapse. In school, children wear face-masks while they do their lessons on among-warming days. (Pollution and Super pollution")
    1. Differentiate between pollution and Super Pollution. [2]
    2. How can we reduce Supper-pollution? [2]
    3. What is the crux of this passage? [2]
    4. What is the topic sentence of this paragraph? [2]
    5. Give a title to this paragraph. [2]

      What is the crux of this passage? 
      The crux of the passage is that visible pollution, particularly in the form of smog and polluted air, is a global problem, and the severity is not always in line with popular perceptions. The passage provides examples of high pollution levels over Osaka and Tokyo, challenging the notion that places like Los Angeles have the worst smog.
      What is the topic sentence of this paragraph? 
      The topic sentence of this paragraph is: "Pollution-the simple visible kind of pollution is now worldwide."
      Give a title to this paragraph. 
      "Global Perspectives on Visible Pollution: Challenging Preconceptions"
    1. What do you mean by 'cybernetics'? Discus its impacts on human society on the basis of the text that you have read. [7.5]
    2. What is the main idea of Bronwski's essay "Man and Nature'? To what extent do you agree with his argument? Give reasons of your answer. [7.5]
    1. Remove possible ambiguities in the sentences by changing the position of faulty modifiers. " [2.5]
      1. John only scored ten runs.
      2. He promised when a vacancy occurred to consider me for the position.
      3. He found the dog in the boat, which was dark brown color with a white tail.
      4. The car came down the street decked with flowers.
      5. The car is in the garage which he smashed.

        i. John scored only ten runs.
        ii. When a vacancy occurred, he promised to consider me for the position.
        iii. In the boat, he found a dog which was dark brown in color with a white tail.
        iv. Decked with flowers, the car came down the street.
        v. The car which he smashed is in the garage.
    2. Give the nouns forms to the following adjectives. [2.5]
      Complacent, solitary, enjoyable, elegant, doubtful

      Complacent - Complacency
      Solitary - Solitude
      Enjoyable - Enjoyment
      Elegant - Elegance
      Doubtful - Doubt
  4. Write a short paragraph on the basics of communication. [5]
  5. What are basic components of an essay? Write an essay on "Ways to combat Pandemics" [5+10]
    "Importance of English Language in Nepal"