Computer Fundamental and Application-Laboratory Works(MS...

Here, you can learn and read about MS word, Powerpoint, MS-Excel and DOS.

Microprocessor and Computer Architecture-Old Questions

Here, you will find BCA II semester model questions of microprocessor and computer architucture.

C-Programming-Programming Technique

A complete notes on Programming Technique for BCA ,BIM and BIT students.

Combination Logic Design

A complete notes on Combinational Logic Design for BCA and BIT students. Topics: Basis gates,AND gate,OR gate,NOT gate,universal gates,NOR...

Society and Technology-Questions(2020,2019,2018)

Old questions of Society and Technology -2018,2019 and 2020 for BCA students.

Computer Fundamental and Application-Questions(2020,2019,2018)

Old questions of Computer Fundamental and Application -2018,2019 and 2020 for BCA students.

Computer Software

A complete notes on Computer Software for BCA, BIT and BIM. Topic: computer software, system software, utility software, application...

Contemporary/ Modern Technology

A complete notes on contemporary /modern technology for BCA,BIT and BIM students. Topic: multimedia, application of multimedia, e-commerce,...