Scientific Communication-Bsc I Year Old Questions:2077

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Scientific Communication-Bsc I Year Old Questions:2077

Tribhuvan University 2078

Bachelor Level 4 Yrs. Prog/ 1st Year/Science & Tech

Full Marks: 50

Scientific Communication (SC.101)

Time: 2 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks. Attempt All the questions.

  1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [10]
    To achieve a Continuous improvement in the equality of the environment demands perception, education, economic strength, research, plus policies and administration geared to the right aims. A process of constant appraisal and adjustment is necessary, for as the scope of existing problems is reduced new ones will arise. Fresh discoveries will bring fresh difficulties - and will always do so. As Gothe said, every solution of a problem is a new problem. Of first importance is the capacity to perceive the essentials of society's existence, to be able to analyze the factors that create and enhance the environment and to relate these to the contemporary situation. If people are to understand, they must be offered ideas which widen their horizons; ideas to excite them to an awareness of a deeper purpose in their living and to a new relationship with their environment. The challenge is to find and capture these ideas and to put them over with elan to hold and inspire people. ("Man and his Environment")
    1. What is the first step towards improving environment? [2]
    2. How can we reduce the existing problems regarding environment? [2]
    3. What are the necessary factors to improve the quality of the surroundings that you live in? [2]
    4. Explain Gothe's statement, 'every solution of a problem is a new problem' in reference‘ to the essay' Man and His environment [2]
    5. Write the gist of the passage [2]
  2. a) How do human beings alter the environment? Name three ways that the author of Pollution and super-pollution' has mentioned. [7..5]
    b) What do you understand by 'cybernetics'? mention the finure of computer ethics as described in 'A very shun History of computers Ethics'. [7.5]
  3. (a) Rewrite the following sentences removing any possible ambiguity. [2.5]
    I can remember the party and the food that was served, but I did not enjoy it.
    ii. We took the tomatoes out of the paper bags, and threw them into the dust bin.
    iii. The policeman noticed the thief when he went by the super Bazaar.
    iv. There arc a large quantity of woollen garments on sale but they do not last long.
    v. He took out his handkerchief, blow his nose, wiped his forehead and then put it back into his pocket.

    (b) Rewrite the following sentences after removing awkward constructions? [2.5]
    i. The diver was experience.
    ii. My brother, he is a great football player.
    iii. The milk of cow has many uses.
    iv. I prefer dancing than listening to the music.
    v. Arun likes to read book or listening to the raido.
  4. Discuss the role of language in the field of science and technology.[5]
  5. Write a five paragraph technical essay based on the following sub-titles:
    introduction / definition, background / point of origin of arguments, main arguments that include sufficient discussion either in support or against of the topic, conclusion/ suggestion, AI. prepare an outline before you write the essay. [5+10]
    Use of Internet in Academia
    Science: Boon or Bane ?